Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Friday

My day begins with a stupid nightmare where I was babysitted by Nanny McPhee. A regular Friday is where I have to decide either I’m going to solat jumaat with atuk or angah. I’ll dream of heaven every Friday.

But there’s something different about this Friday. Normally, after you finished solat sunat tahiyatul masjid, you’ll involuntarily shake hands with people next to you, and so do I. But I felt awkward, as there’s no response for this one as I showed my hand. Then, I realized, the guy next to me is blind. He’s and old man (plus, the next 2 to him are also poor blind old man). God, how did he spend the rest of his life in darkness but still, he able to carve a smile while I’m holding his hand?

At that moment, I was so grateful that Allah gave me the gift of sight.

p/s~3 org pakcik buta tu ade sorg pakcik yg celik ni pimpin deorg datang masjid. So, pakcik2 ni tdi mmg mngekur jela pakcik yg celik depan skali ni. Comel sgt coz deorg bkn nye pegang tgn, but pegang bahu nmpak mcm tgh maen kerata api plawk, hehe =P I’m terribly wanna do something good to them! Sayangilah warga emas =)

~don’t wanna talk about Brazil. Disappointing. BTW, ow, esok aq balik Arau ek? bru sedar ohoho =P


y0Ngu falcon said...

ok!! kalau aku, aku rase nak nangis dah tengok pakcik2 tu.... sedih kot.... wuwuwuwuwuwu
sila bersyukur sekarang!! :D

btw, brazil mmg disappointing dan selamat balik arau!! XDD

Aiza4t said...

haha aq nk nangis jgk time tuh hehe

tq, aq dh slamat smpai arau :)


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