Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review of the day: Finance Class

Today’s Finance class was pretty interesting as we’re all given a chance to own a million of money and show everyone how will you spend it. Everyone similarly wanted to fulfill their unlimited material wants, absolutely. But still, some of them do aware how to allocate that money properly.

Here’s my allocation:
• Invest for mama’s boutique around+saving+buying asset and property RM 85,000++
• Sedekah around RM5K++
While the balance I will:
• Buying Vivaz RM 1500++
• Renovate my parent’s house RM50,000++
• Vacation RM 50,000++
• Buy home theatre RM 5000++
• Buy a lake-side bungalow RM800,000++
• Outfits RM3000++

I did have some knowledge on this stuff. It’s not conventional class, but from my experience in PUM. Well, previously, in D’Kuak Mart Corp. we just mash up some money and stuff then build a legal company. Well, I still young at that moment, erm 15 or 16 kot. But we did manage to get RM15000 jugak la hehe =P thanks cikgu Ali atas tunjuk ajar sume2 tuh…SERIOUSLY, the National PUM Convention teach us a lot about business management, strategy and stuff. I’m not that surprise when the lecturer taught about the shareholder and share price thingy, coz before I invest in my company, I did some pre-date calculation to maximize my profit as shareholder hehe =P

SERIOUSLY, BEL assignment still in progress. Entah bile la nk siap =.= It's about Paris hmm..

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Quite right! It is excellent idea. I support you.


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