Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review of the day: I'm so Sick


I sleep a lot today. My body is itchy all the part. There’s an ulcer in my mouth. The doctor said it’s occurred somewhere close with many crucial nerves thus might bring other sickness like headache, body ache or even fever. SERIOUSLY, I’m suffering of that entire symptom right now.

Since, I sleep a lot on day, I stay awake at night =P I terribly hope myself can off to bed because that’s the only way I can forgot the pain for a while. It’s suffering when you are sick. But I just stand strong with my principle; “Ade hikmah disebalik ape yang berlaku.”

My grandma is sick too. Of coz she’s suffering for Stroke side effect, but just now, she had a terrible head ache and brought the entire family to give a visit. Yes, too many cook spoil the broth. Too many hands can’t do the same job. It’s just that we wanna make her feel better. I’ve to admit not all member of the family agree with this coz the found it a lil bothersome.


This one didn't happen today ek =P
There’s a part of myself which I considered as mistakes and flaws, but it is taken as a thing to be proud and to be fight on in the name of human right. I’ve no idea. Go to hell with your stand coz I still hate my flaw. I’m in my effort to close that hole.

Kalo kte terlupe something, pastu kne marah, org tu cakap,
“ camne boleh lupe bawak? Kan saya da cakap mnde tuh penting! Telur/**** bawak plawk? Ntah2 telur/**** pon lupe bawak”

SERIOUSLY, whatta fuck dude?! I guess his dick is removable then boleh trtinggal plak dkt atas almari or dalam peti ais ke ape2 ke. Cummon la…Sumpah busuk dow ayat tu..bapak x siuman shialll! Macam r ko perfect sgt smpai nak sume org flawless cam ko..pastu bajet diri power lak..siot jerr..WTH

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