Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review of the day: Lecture so far

This is like the 100th times I press new entry but nothing seems to be written.

I'm still in the first week of 3rd semester and everything seems just fine with the academic schedule which allow me to wake up like 9am on Tuesday and Wednesday, but we're terribly busy on Thursday =.= but hey, no class on Friday which mean 3 days of weekend!

So far, the lecture went just great. I love all my current lecturer since they are dedicated, motivating MGT lecturer, the BEL's is young, etc. But still as usual, ustaz msti lambat masuk CTU class.

I've met most of the debate club mates including, Nad, Izzat,Zul, Echa; but I still haven't meet Aiman, Raihan, Yusry etc.

URGH! I haven't finish BEL assignment yet it's 11pm already...Shut up, I'm off to bed.


nadHiraH said...

nti ad meeting debate club sbtu mlm ni... hehe

Aiza4t said...

ok la makcik..


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