Friday, July 30, 2010

Review of the Month

OMFG, it's been a while I haven't post stuff. Hmmm, let see....There are quite a lot major things happened lately like, Debate Demo, Ustazah Bahyah visit my campus, went to Big Field aka Padang Besar, my phone's broken, bla3, etc yada3...Last post I speak of debate stuff, so perhaps just skip that part first..But hey, nk jugak ckp yg I'm quite exited for having like dozen of freshmen debater. They aren't that good but I believe they might even do better than us, seniors... =P

Nur Salam Campaign

I love the fact that there are lot's of new thing I had learn from ustzh Bahyah. I hardly force myself not to attend her speech just because of she's a media personality, celebrity and all that thingy, but in the name of ibadah instead. ALHAMDULILLAH sgt2! Byk giler mnde2 yg ustazah share. She talk about the fadhilat of salam. There are like 16 of them. The most interesting part was when she told us about her meeting with Sultan Pahang as she was awarded the Dato' title.

I hope people not just love her charismatic, but the knowledge which she deliver as well.

Well, she said, she was thankful and happily shock as she got the news, but suddenly panic coz nak sembah sultan nti of coz kne salam kn? Brilliantly, she took the lesson of Raihan's case. Previously the Queen Elizabeth wanted to meet the International Malaysian nasyid troupe, Raihan. Well as for us Muslim, it's forbidden to get in touch contact with non-mahram. The Raihan had chose to wear glove as they met the Queen, and she's just cool about it and respect Raihan's decision. =)

And so did ustazah. SHe brought like 2 gloves. Black and skin-tone color. She prefer to wear the skin-tone color but ntah la tibe2 Allah nak uji, terkoyak plak glove skin-tone color tu...If possible she won't wear the black one, coz x nak obvious sgt, aka nk jage hati sultan plus menjaga maslahat setempat. Tpi demi Allah, ustzah gagah je pakai glove hitam ohohoho =P Ape lgi, afterward, mmg kne mark r dgn sultan. But she told sultan that,

"Patik ni banyak involve dlm events so wuduk tu nk kne jage, =) "
"ow, kalo camtuh, beta pon kena ade wuduk jgk la lepas ni =P "

I'm totally impress on how did she manage to handle both hablu minallah wa hablu minannas perfectly without hurting both side. She had just proved to me that there's nothing impossible in Islam as long you're doing it in the name of Allah dan laksanakannya dgn penuh berhikmah.

Big Field

Not much to say, but I'm a douche when it comes to allocate money. So, I quite reluctant to join meor, ujay n burb hit the big field. haha tpi last2 pgi jgk =P I'm so jelous on Ujay coz he have a really high buyer power. Well, I bet it's too much/rich (which is cool =P) for a kid like him to have his own Honda City (tatau la luuxury car ke tuh but cm blei blah gk la kot, aq kn org miskin tatau la kete mahal2 ni =p) but hey, can you stop doing that aizat, don't let yourself obey to the power of WooHoo, oops..i mean money! (pengaruh maen Sims3 ^^)

Sayonara Bebeh(my SE W995) :'(

Tetibe jer screen jdi cam TV rosak. Nak repair cm more expensive as compared to the prize as I trade it with a new phone n add up couples of bucks. So downgrade phone from SE W995 to Nokia Xpress Music 5530. Sedey coz the connectivity of xm5530 is quite limited since there's no 3g. Well, i cheer myself up with it cool sleeky wide touch screen and the WiFi feature, and it work =P But x dpt nk curi browse web time class except for block C jerr coz kt situ jerr ade wifi =.= SERIOUSLY, mengapakah UiTM begini? Ble demand for facility for reputaition establishment, di katanya kami melayu lupa diri. hmmm, lu pikir la sndiri..SERIOUSLY, aku akur dgn akta 174 but, bile 'mereka' misuse and berlindung under akta 174, that is just abusive to us.


munirah said...

wah... sangat kagum dengan ustazah... susah nak cari kekuatan macam tu... :)

Aiza4t said...

DEFINITELY totally impressive ^^

A.Z said...

wow! she was here? when?
I adore her kot!
Ustazah Bahyah!!! Heart U!


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