Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WTF of the day =,=

FUCK ME some idiot did flag my post...I've no idea why does in need to be band. Well, Blogger did personally email me saying that this article (in the box below) said that it just contradicted withe DMCE Policy. For fucker sake, there are like thousand of porn gay-lesbo blog in the net, SERIOUSLY =,=

SERIOUSLY, this is one sad entry, coz I'm crying and typing. So, don't mess with me with some stupid comment of "you're so gay", or"seriously, whatta fuck dude?". If you do, get a life n go to hell :)

Here’s a stupid metaphor: What if you terribly exited, wanted to overnight with your ex's , but then suddenly got rejected out of sudden coz someone else got the room first?

My point is: What if an unknown took your place from someone close or important to you even what they are doing is enjoying some stuff of yours?

I’m so sad. Damn, plus, Justin Bieber’s That Should Be Me is the best song to describe my feeling even though the subject is totally different, but the song portrays my emotion perfectly. [Em, especially the chorus part]


1 comment:

A.Z said...

Shit man tht just shit! Who'd dare to flag yr post?? shitty btol la bdk tuh!!!!!


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