Thursday, August 26, 2010


I was a lil poignant today for nothing. Exceedingly emotional particularly when it comes to financing a.k.a. money thingy since I’m in shortage currently.

Just now, there were like 30 minutes to kill before the MGT class, then Ujay spoke something about thieving some motorcycle spare part and stuff, to Meor (since yesterday meor’s bike crashed in an accident)

Then Meor was like, “taknak la, aq kalo barang2 motor ni xnk curi, x nmpak mase depan bai, ohoho, kalo accident mati katak je”,

Me; “xde maknenye, ape2 barang kalo curi pon xde mase depan”

pastu Ujay menyampuk, “ala, dlu aq kebas deodorant, and pncuci muke =P”

me; “kan dah kne jerawat batu sbijik kat muke aritu, memang xde mase depan pon kalo mcuri! =,=”

Deorang pon cam sentap! Long pause…then I went away from the group. They were in jokes tone but I was like a father scolding his son. GOSH FML. Sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. Period kot hri ni, oops.. =P

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