Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Have a Bad Day + love Emma!

Even I got some hot stuff in my room last night, that doesn't mean i can have a pleasant next day. It's a lot like Hermoine in her pink dress in HP Goblet of Fire.

SORRY KALO ADE YG TERASE, but early today, I was bored to death then I text-ed Meor "where the hell are you, man?" then he "I'm at 'rumah sewa' and we wanna hit the bowling alley, wanna join?" then I was like, "duh, hell yes!"

Well, let's make it short, I have to wait like 2 hour until everyone is ready. Well, it's pissed, but I can't just yell at them, that's rude which is totally apposite my principle. I arrived kt rumah deorg cm dlm kol 12.30pm but then it was almost 3pm and I'm still waiting? =.=

Besides, time I smpai tu xde sape2 pon ckp psl nk maen bowling, as if nobody's going. Then after like 1 hour, someone asked, "Aizat, ko nk pgi maen bowling ke?" then dlm hati ni "duh, then WTH i'm doing here, waiting u guys like many hours?" sengal kn?

PASTU Aizat pon touching la...
Naseb baek, ade Fasihal, then I just asked him to bring me home aka back to college. I apologize them psl x dpt join, itupon rupe2 nye dah ade yg blah dlu awal2 dh, coz I thought we're suppose to go out together (like they always did, we're all in this together, lmbat pgi kelas pon, we're all in this together gak kn?)

Then, Nad called me said we've a debate training. Well, the freshmen was hopeless, which is as the way I was previously, but I believe they'll shine soon =) At least, the debate thingy kinda distract me to forget the rubbish happened awal2 pgi tdi..

BTW, I'm totally adore Emma. She's just adorable.

It's Emma and her brother Alex starring in the Burberry Spring/Summer 2010 campaign.

Aren't they cute? ^^


nadHiraH said...

hey babe, i hate waiting too kot. skit aty giler tunggu lelame then last2 cancel. but anyway, the debate was kind of fun jugak la kan? hehe!

Aiza4t said...

glad that u r actually agree with me

ohoho btol2...sgt la fun n lawak. plus bdk laki yg muke brutal yuh, bru 1 minit tepuk dh nk duduk ohohoo=P

oops, mengate2 die kt cni plak hehe, but SERIOUSLY, deorg sume ade harapan. Coz, deorg have the guts to step front n join debate, btol x? =P


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