Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm In Shortage

I'm in a slight extreme money crisis coz I don't even hold a single penny for today's juadah berbuka. Plus I'm in need of another RM100++ instead, GOSH how disaster is that =,=

I owe Meor 20 bucks for broadband, well, it might sound unnecessary but I took it as an exception =P

Here's the demands

RM20 Dinner fee
RM20 Electrical appliance sticker
RM10 Sport Day
RM30++ Juadah berbuka for a week

I got money in some bank accounts but I'll need to queue for an hour at BIMB, my cash in Maybank is less than RM50 so I can't cash 'em out, BSN had been out of service like 3 days, RHB; there's no RHB Bank ATM in UiTM Perlis =,= besides, there's only 20 bucks in there, duhh..

Plus, my phone is broken! Sucha a DISASTER!!! Seriously, my asset is downgraded from SE W995 to XpressMusic 5530, to SE610i =,= FML.

p/s~Hmmm, ujian Ramadhan tahun ni memang mencabar.

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