Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pegi Bazaar

It’s quite and ages after the last post huh? Boring. Same thing everyday. Same food, same people, same routine. Well, since nothing seems interesting, my favorite part is when I shop around the bazaar. Every time my roommates, ihsan and me hit the bazaar; I always expected to meet my friends, coz that’s our mutual spot. Usually, I’ll bump up with my ex-roommates, my course mates, debate teammates (I bump up with Echa once! ^^ plus teribly wanna meet Nad and bazaar!) (Many times with Zul, but just noticed him from far with his bitches), the celebrity (Bella), scandals (oops…), SE, cutie pies and more!

Well, my favorite menu is the nasi ekonomi which just cost me like RM2.50 and below! Minimum, I’ll spend RM3.50 per meal for break the fast. Pretty neat budget huh? ^^ But as for today, suddenly the caramel pudding just wildly drag me to buy them a piece, aww…I’m terribly missing mama’s caramel! Nak cepat2 balik rumah!!!

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