Monday, August 30, 2010

Review of the day: IMAM vs. the devil in me

I have no idea why do I join this club at first place. It’s a good club but the devil in me started to rebel and drag me to hell, not to open my soul for it. I started to feel annoy when the mosque turn on the nasyid loudly like 24 hours!

But in my defense, it’s even like 2.30 in the MORNING! Isn’t it a waste of electricity? How can you confirm by doing such thing people will to come to PI? Perhaps yes, but to smash the speaker instead =,=

One more thing, I’m totally disagreed with the idea of ‘kad solat’(recording student’s attendance to mosque). Plus, they are making it as the benchmark to judge students whether we can get to stay in college or net next semester. SERIOUSLY, you had just abuse the institution of solah itself as the holy order from God by using it as a tool on some random stuff like college thingy? This will just put the student in miss-concept of sincerity to God.

Well, congratulation. I’m going to the mosque in the name of college obligation.

Hmm ...wait. I suppose it have to be like this.
I’m going to the mosque to pray lillahi taala, instead.

Some people said, it’s okay because it’s one of the learning processes. But I took it as a scandal.


y0Ngu falcon said...

aku piki sama macam kau :D

Aiza4t said...

thanks a lot for agreeing with me


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