Thursday, August 5, 2010

Review of the Day: Inspired by?

GOSH I terribly wanna squeeze all the words of memory in my brain and write it here but I spent like ages to write 'em out, SERIOUSLY =.=


Got it! Well, I love it when I'm inspiring people. Honestly, if I'm saying this, some people might say, "duh, I'm wearing/doing it because I like it, not because of you". That's what happening in hell, people just too arrogant to admit others' power. SERIOUSLY, I'm the first-mover then who the hell that you're copying from like SERIOUSLY? =,= We can't run away from the environmental influences which including friends, family or even celebrities.

I can't lie about my step is actually synced with the beep of the music LOL! I love to listen to Boom Boom Pow, Bottle Pop, Party People, Rude Boy or even ANTM theme song by Tyra and walk. Some said it's a catwalk. But I call it walk with confident. =P

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