Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Full Report balik rumah!!! (not really =,=)

first of all, it's the 3rd day already I'm home, and it's a must for me to write the full report as I got home!!!

Things gone crazy and I don't wanna talk about it. But here's one of 'em. =P

Iklan jap:
Just now Faiz asked for Nad's blog address (opss, should I mention this or it suppose to be a not-suppose-to-mention thingy? =P )then I was la nah, go ahead, I Walk You Craw, was a damn hot quote! (Probably Aiman would love it, he's a quote monster).

Then, I realized that I posted some random shit about him, and I was like,"Aizat, cpt2 hide post tu!!!which was "Thailand is a no go :(" Bcoz of coz Nad's Blog would lead to mine, plus there's a Nad's link at my blog, people could try to find it at any possible place. Then I rushed to the dashboard and hit the 'SAVE NOW ' button, fuhhhh... lega.

But, oopss, too late, kantoi gak as Faiz responded to my bloody post..Gosh, this is embarrassing and lame., sumpah malu n cm vodoh jjaa huagaga =P

Back to report!

Baju Raya.
It's maroon this year and Mama had bought me a maroon baju melayu. Well, I'm so relieved that my taste had just downgraded since I don't mind of shopped around the Tanjung Rambutan rather than hit the Ipoh Parade or J.Jusco, coz surely it'll cost me like 3 times over there. Well, trust me, Tanjung Rambutan sounds, ewww, and Whatta?, but SERIOUSLY, it's like you fool around the mini Padang Besar la jgk...Duh, barang celup! =P Well, of coz original is better, I'm saving, and I loike it. ^^, nk didik my frame of mind not to put a high demand, coz surely I'll drain, If I do =,=

Well, to any s60v5 users, I just wanna share something. Well, I'm using a cheap Symbian phone which is the Xpress Music 5530, and the appearance is pretty lame =,= (Boooo...)Then I found this software, the SPB Shell shit. It's a great tool and everything is well integrated with your Symbian. Check this out!

Try it and it works on mine! ^^,

Hmmm, not much preparation. No new curtain, no homemade cookies. Everything are just the same as last year except we just rearrange the furniture and wash the curtain and stuff. Nah, I don't really mind or obsessed on having all new thingy during Eid as shown on TV =P. Pasal, nti confirm sibuk gilerr kat rumah pah nti pasal kami raye kt rumah pah je or kampung kt lenggong. Balik rumah just nk tidur je, hotel sgt kn? ohohohoho ^^

I caught on fever as I got home. Hmm, perhaps, the Arau and Ipoh atmosphere are extremely different, my body is accommodating, then this is the side effect. Hidung ni dah mcm air terjun jerr... =,=

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