Monday, September 13, 2010

Review of the day: Perlukah Raya yang bermakna? =,=

GOSH did my damn cranium just cracked? Coz Yuzwan and me had just perah otak bwt MGT website project cam nk gilerr jerr..Che3, poyo jerr pgi mcD bwt assignment kn, pastu dahla bump up dengan budak2 kampung I and old mates LOL!

SERIOUSLY, I terribly wanna finish everything by tonight, but even for the first point (Brief explanation of our service and agency) took us like 1 30 minutes just for a single damn point?? =,= Well, at least nearly 75% of the draft is done kn Aizat? Better Something than Nothing! ( i put that quote on my study desk, kt arau =P It's not a good quote coz it just sooth you down and my lead to over-comfort feeling. But it still works for motivation,though, hehe)


Without shame, I would like to say that, this is my first time hangout until late night (which i consider 10.30pm and above) without my parent. I know, so yesterday =,=
Just glad that my parent never set a curfew since I'm not the kind of child yang keluar malam =P (baik kan saya? ^^, kiddin') Hehe harap2 abah x marah I balik lewat. Besides, it's not that I'm out berpoye2 but finish my MGT project instead.

i don't really enjoy this raya after all ='{ my opah is sick..she's suffering for stroke..n smalam die jatoh..nyaris2 timpe our new born syasha...sume glabah -,- it's not that i'm blaming her, but raya is not about fun and duit raya anymore..more to the responsibility n value of life macam dlm drama2 raye tuh =P


nadHiraH said...

you really did it!! write about the raya thingy.. haha.. funny lah you.. its okay, i hope your next raya would be more meaningful babe :))

Aiza4t said...

Actually ayat2 yg kt chit chat kt fb tu cm touching je, so i copy paste ke sini, ohoho =P


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