Saturday, September 4, 2010

Someone Stalk Me (=,=)"

hmm..i know it sounds weird, but there's a guy who kinda look/stare/stalk or (i don't know whatever u call it) at me. Our sight jz kept on clashed like everytime we bump up..he'll look at me like everytime! His sight wasn't hatre bt sorta curious instead. I don't wth do u want dude? Seriously =,=

I'm expecting for bitches to check me out n0t dudes, urgh....

Well,luckily,the guy is meor's friend and he is the malay version of Chace Crowford,which is cute,bt his kelantan accent is too strong, which is 'hmm-okay-=,='

Is he gay? Well even if he do,i don't mind of get to kn0w him. But i teribly hope that Allah could manage to meet us in a non-gay-way like at mosque or taaruf or something =P

Aizat mmg jahat..nk tmbah die pnye hot-people-list collection la tu =,=

Am I hot,nway? (kjadah ko aizat dh mereng ke pgi2 bute cm ni? Bodoh..)

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