Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SPS: Skinny Pants Syndrom

Today I was experimenting with my sense of fashion where I put on extreme skinny jeans which horribly reveal that I’m the thinnest guy ever!

The first class period, as I walked in, Fiqa Sudei was like “wow aizat, you are so skinny =,=” Then I was like, “well, I’m a Slim World model”.

I kept on asking people on, how do I look in this pant? Everyone was like, “Dude, you look just fine laa..” “Normal la, ala2 indie looks gitu”

OMG, Ujay just called me frantically asked me about the VOC!!! (wow =,=)

Back to the story,
I asked almost everyone on how do I look today, (no offense) but I can sense the hypocritsm and everyone was like not telling the truth (nak jage hati, I understand, which is sweet). But, what if I’m actually overconfident that I’m looking good? Bak kate Yuzwan “Confident jer , aizat….”

Because the moment I step out of my room the Evil Aizat told me “Aizat, you look ugly in those pant =,=” then the real me was like,” It’s okay, I’m experimenting”

But there’s a guy who have the value of honesty which I’m extremely glad and appreciate when he said,
“Dude, you looks damn ugly in that skinny pants. You are as skinny as hell and now you wanna do some added value to your size of waist? Plus you are technically catwalk-ing and people might misunderstand, you are such a gay. If I'm not your friend, I would have said that you are gay, then =P ”

Well, it sound harsh but at least he had just manage to convince me not to wear it twice. Plus he gave me some tips how to pick the sizes if I still wanna go ghettoly-skinny.
What if everyone said I looks good, and I kept on wearing those jeans every weeks, people must be pissed, just like Boboy with his Rihanna haircut; no one even bother to brag him, yet everyone is still keep on hating him, which is unfair.

Do you get my point??? =P A good friend is the one who willing to tell ya that you smell like shit ^,+


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