Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thailand is a no-go ='(

WARNING!!! Don't read this post coz If you don't get pissed, you'll get bored to death then, reading my stupid scratch of the day...

Emm, should I blog this shit? coz just now I was so emotional and I'm all distracted, but then Aiman gave the 3 seasons of Gossip Girl, then I soothed down a lil bit, thanks dude =P (eww, dude+GG??)

I don't really put a sky high expectation of going to Thailand for the seminar thingy,
SERIOUSLY! I was happy for Aiman as he got selected. After the Finance test (I was toast, x study pown =,=) we went to the LT4, Aiman ajak teman. Echa texted, those who were selected was Aiman, Echa, Nad, Nazmi (=,=), and The Other Guy (TOG).

OMK!!! What a surprising when TOG was my old friend aka my 1st rank rival =,=. Classic, I know...

It was crazy since, it's him. Dah balik bilik tu ondaway nak naek bilik I was like emotionally unstable sgt. Dengan assignment CTU, term paper BEL (sakit kot nk stretch from 1000+ words to 700 =,=)...sampai 1st floor, trgelak sorg2 (coz cm funny sgt ape yg jdi hri ni), smpai 2nd I started to dance, smpai top floor dh moaning cm orang gilerr...masuk bilik I put my face in pillow and do my voice routine. TheN I spitted out everything to Yuzwan about what happened, and he was like, OMG, OMK,, WTF, FML, LOL...

If I knew it was Faiz Azraai, I would never join Aiman for the Thailand thingy meeting. Dahla x selected, meggedik plak join meeting deorg kn. Aizat, ko ni x malu sangat!!! Bodoh btol la...

If it wasn't Faiz, TRUST ME THIS POST WOULD NEVER EXIST. It's not that I hate him. It's just that I feel inferior of trying to compete with someone as perfect as him.

SERIOUSLY, he is so cool in class of his own. I just LOVE his stuff, and his accessories. He’s got the accent and he’s a handsome guy too (I’m saying this in a total non-gay way,okay!). Perhaps those who are selected meet the criteria of need to be a good-looking one and those who can mingle around kot =,= (bodohnye aizat assumption ko)

Besides, I don’t even know why should I be selected?
I got no accent, apah contribution pon cm haram jerr..I x pgi Kenyalang Open, x pgi wakil mne2 competion luar UiTM pown...I’m useless kot.

But I terribly wanna go abroad (even get to over the sea pon cm dh syiok coz x penah pon =P )!!!

But one thing, I reckon Raihan should get the place cz she’s really committed even for the audition. She went for research and that obviously she can meet any further obligation to the team, I suppose, hmmm...


A.Z said...

I was laughing reading yr post. :D
When u mention OMK! mmg lawak sgt. hahahahahahaha. :D
ala don't worry, u're too good that they don't even realize that u're good .

ummie said...

its ok aizat...
thailand je pon..
nnti i bawak u pegi padang besar!..hehehe

btw when i read ur post, im interested at one thing..3 SEASONS OF GOSSIP GIRL!!!plezz i want it!..plezz2..=(

faiz azzraai rizar shamlan. said...

aizatt !
kau gila buat statement ni. HAHA
aku bukan siapa2.
aku pun tak tahu macammana boleh dapat.
my english is not so good compare to you lah :)
aku penah dengar english kau dekat mushroom haritu.
ni yang sedih ni hadeh.

Aiza4t said...

OOOooppsss...kantoi jgk post ini =P

haha faiz lek chill je...dh okay dh..huagagaga XD

besides, cm happy kot ko dpt, at least nti ade r point nk sembang2 dgn ko...dats why i sruh echa try tarik ko msk debate..

xde makne nye, BI ko pon power kot..tgk la spe mak nye... =P


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