Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What do you think of my blog?
Let me know your thought ^^,

p/s~the honest guy in my SPS post was Nur Ihsan ^,+


nadHiraH said...

why can't i comment on your previous post?? haha, but anyway, i never see you wearing skinny, but hell yeah, ur skinny enough to wear skinny. i mean, u'll look skinnier. does this word even exist? haha, well at least theres' someone who dare to say it right in front of your face. i mean, a real friend, thats what they do right? to me, its better for our fren to say it to use before anybody does because i love people being honest to me. or else i'll look dumb if they are being hypocrite. ouh btw, i do own this kind of friends too. HAHA! i think ur blog are amazing :))

belanja me after this will ya? its not easy for me to give you credits ;p

nadHiraH said...

not use, its YOU*

Aiza4t said...

i couldn't agree more! it's great to have a friend yg honest dgn kte..psl they will never let us to be ashamed twice..i pon glad coz i also have such friend =P

haha nti u tuntut tao, i belanje u nti =P

yg x blei comment tu psl ade technical problems coz i experiment something with the template html =P

nadHiraH said...

LOL. better fix it you SKINNY!! haha

Aiza4t said...

hey makcik, dah ok la kalo x cmne u blei comment ni ohohoho =P

A.Z said...

U got an some interesting and informative blog. I had reading them from time to time. :D

Aiza4t said...

thanx azri! i love ur blog too >,< xoxo


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