Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Makes Bella a Celeb? well, here's the answer =,^

>I can't write an essay, but here's a post as the answer =P

~listening to Kei$ha tik tok (which is so yesterday =,=)


*iklan jap

2nd day of Eid~wake up in the morning feelin' like P Diddy, grab my glasses, I'm out the, mne sume org??

moral of the story: don't watch GG until late night at 1st night of Eid =,=


Bosan raye sorang2 kt rumah so saje2 blogwalking,hehe(bak kate Moon kn?^^) Hey, look what I found.

Well Bella, I can't write a darn long essay (which konon2nye assignment =P) psl xde mood (raya sorang2 kt rumah =,=) but you know what,
you are in my Favorite Girls top-list, plus everybody love you and everybody hates you. That's what make you a celeb hon! Just like Paris and Bieber. Everybody loves and hates 'em right>? ohohoho ^^, But both contribute a lot which make people jealous on them, and same goes with you, tho...

Hey, feel free to drop by her blog, it's TAX-FREE.


nadHiraH said...

haha funny la wea sape suh tgk GG sampai tgh2 mlm ha amik kawww ;p;p

bella? she is a celebrity indeed :)

Aiza4t said...

haha see, bella! even nad pon ckp cmtuh hehe =P she's denying it =,=


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