Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why do i LOVE to sleep? SERIOUSLY! =,=

This is jz a random post fr0m ma fon so don't complain with the shortform =,=

Since i got home last weekend, i'm a sleepyhead cz i only sleep at most on 3am and will only wake up by zohor. GOSH, this is so not good! Hello, aizat! Ko x puase ke? Dahla hri the last day of ramadhan for god sake!Yep, of coz i do, bt n0t that passionate as compared to the previous Ramadhan. I suppose it have to even better from year to year. =,=

Girl, i jz love to sleep, like HELL YEAH! U kn0w why? Cz my dream jz keep rolling like a blockbuster movies and i'm in it! Ohoohoho, yes i kn0w,girl. I met lots of star too! Yesterday i was with hilary duff, n the other day i went to hogwart! Bt today ws a lil disaster cz i was at a seminar with that em0 Bieber m0thafucka, (rupe2nye my brother tgh listen to MyWorld 2.0 loudly =,=) bt hey, B.W kissed me n i hit the stage for a duet with Katy Perry sang the I Kissed a Girl at California! Wohoo! (m0re power to the WoHöo!)

I kn0w, it's cool! I never dreamed ordinary stuff! And with that, i solemnly tell ya i jz LOVE to sleep!!

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