Monday, October 4, 2010


It funny when my pals like Echa, Nad, GG, (well, azri, yuzwan, bella n my other classmates are exceptions since they are sorta close to me literally n virtually) [which are not so close to me since we just talk about debate stuff for lunch-talk] said a lot about my blog! We met last night and they diss on me like hell about my blog post, which is funny LOL ^^,

I was like,
they really do read it, huh?
Because I never bother to leakage some full name which should not been spoken like Syafiq Shuhaimi, Akim Klate, Faiz Azraai,Bella Wong, and other controversial names (oops, i farted out their name already =,=) Plus, I don't think my blog is that popular, and those names couldn't possibly or never gonna drop my humble blog, for nak-dapat-kolej-next-sem sake! =,=

from now on, you need to be sensitive on issues, names, bla3 that you wish to post, clear?!

Oh, BTW, speak of E,N & GG, last night debate talk was a hotta issue~AIZAT STOP! IT'S A FORBIDDEN TOPIC! DIDN'T U'D MENTION it JUST NOW, be careful with what story do u wish to talk here? CAREFUL!!! =,=

ow2, and BTW, yesterday DIIA Sport Day was a blast and I don't wanna talk about it..xoxo

Which one is me? well, just look for the skinniest guy and that's me


Amanina said...

2nd row? kan kan?

Aiza4t said...

haha nearly there =P

nadHiraH said...

HAHA durh!!!!! of cos we do read your blog.. our friend kan! HAHA yes, sensitive issues need to keep it to urself babe :P

Aiza4t said...

U know what nad, the reason i spit everything out is jz bcoz the next 30years old aizat wanted to read his scadalious life story when he was young. But he should jz forget that stupid dream though... :P


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