Sunday, October 10, 2010

DIIA Dinner part-3 2010

DATE: 10/10/10 Well,last night performance was a mess, but hey, i have a great time with aiman n yaya well, include d faishal too...i mean when we rehearse it was da bomb but when it comes to the real show, the mic turn out too loud, for the guitar so it wasn't as smash hit as expected.. We did the mash up of u're beautiful n love the way u lie..Seriously, our vocal was outstanding (lol aizat stop bragging urself) but i can't pretend that i'm not dissapointed with technical problem coz when it comes to other group performance, thing turn out jz fine,...aizat,ENOUGH! It was still memorable night after all when papa dean won the crown of king of the night. It's real funny coz he jz dressed up as a mamak kt kedai kopi or looks alike ceti coz he got some white line on his forehead..1malaysia sgt sume org nye outfit.

it's papa dean, the king of the night, and piqa boo

we named it The Reckless Gent. from left, faishal, aizat, yaya and aiman. poyo je kn, 1st debut was the You're Beautiful+Love The Way You Lie, i was thinking to play in the future some of the song that i wrote , perhaps =P

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