Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't mess with my passion

Hello! ^^, Enough with the intro coz i don't where should i start, so let us just jump to any issue.

Well, as everyone know (if u don't just pretend that you do =,=) speaking in public, brainstorming, arguing (which in appropriate manner and more to expanding ideas), debating, bla3, and all that shit are MY PASSION. Well, some of you guys might have modeling, writing, smoking, thinking etc as your passion, hell I respect your interest.

What if someone mess with your passion/interest when you are passionately doing it. Every time it occurred to me, I was like 'hell whatta F are u doin, messin with my stuff?'

There was a presentation, I was asking a question, which I'm really forward to get a really brilliant answer from Aiman (he's a great thinker and speaker). Then, someone random guy just proving that he's an idiot for emotionally answer it as if I'm insulting him with such heavy question. I don't mind if wanna shame urself, but don't you drag me into your hell, for cheese sake! I hate to be embarrassed by an idiot, coz it's damn insulting. =,= I just wanted an answer. A smart and acceptable one. Not some in-biodegradable trash word...

as for now, i don't...should i hate him forever? ewww... =,=

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