Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eenie meenie miney mo LOVA

written on 26/10/2010

Some says, you don’t step in love, but you fall in them instead. If you step in it, you actually know the ways to get in and out, thus you can also know what is going to happen next. That’s why the Malay prefers with the quote, ‘cinta itu buta’. People just don’t mess with it. Blindly fall in love with someone you met at Paris then eventually get engage the next to month is so dramatic beautiful yet romantic.

When it comes to ‘cinta itu…..oh fuck! I melted with the lova thingy like 30 minutes ago, then Ihsan came in and we chat like hell crazy, I’m done. I’m out of idea already how flowery my mind just now, ROTFLOL as hell as I read the 1st stanza! I was like “say whaaaaatttt???” in Hannah Montana tone ^,+!

Dude! Just tell us what is actually you wanted to say earlier =,=

Alright, actually I do have problem about LOVE but apparently, this love shit is actually bothersome so I thought I should just mess up myself with other bunch of commitment rather than thinking of eenie mini miney mo LOVA JB@Sean stuff. LOVE is crazy man!


nadHiraH said...

auwwwww i'm touched that my pic was on your blog! :D:D
apparently ;pP

babe, it happen the same thing to me tooo :(:(
chill okay, yang penting final dulu okay!!!!

Aiza4t said...

haha i told u already that was 1 of my favorite pictures ^^,

yep, whatever it is i need to FOCUS on final!!!! >,< LET'S WORK ON IT!


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