Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's a rainy day (it's not about rain at all =,=)

Inspired from my last post, here's a quote I created myself:
Someone who can hit the bar with, yet can still walk you home, is the person who should you be friend with...

I need someone who can be there with me in any circumstances. No matter how hard my life is, no matter how much we get into troubles, no matter how poor I am,..


Gosh, I talked like a homo again =,= Em, let's talk about movies. FYI, I got like bunch of great movies on queue, it's Charlie St Cloud, The Other Guys, Altitude, and the Social Network. To my regular customer,just hand me your thumbdrive if you want them ^^,

Altitude was a great cheap thriller Sci-Fi movie and I rate it 8/10. It plays with our emotion and lots of drama and tense along the storyline[bak kata Yuzwan Alli]since the graphic wasn't as outstanding as Avatar. It's a lil Final Destination mood at the beginning, actually. But hey, it's worth a watch for sci-fi maniac. =P

Charlie St Cloud
is a must-watch even I haven't watch it yet =P I reckon it's a lot like The Last Song since the genre is similar plus, the attraction is more to the star in it, Zac Efron( Chalie st Cloud) and Miley Cyrus(The Last Song). This movie as the right choice if you wanna cry for dramas.

The Social Network, hmm, no comment. The sensation was a blast from my friends as well the tabloid. It's a biography movie, which is boring. But since it's Facebook The Movie, why not give it a shot?

No comment for the other guys =,=

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