Saturday, October 30, 2010

not the only one in the world

Currently listening to Rihanna-Only Girl(I'm kinda prefer if the song is a lil more acoustic)

Knowing that people is actually reading my scratch, i felt blessed and appreciated. LOL I'm kinda have issue about this shit =P

I'm trying to let myself learn how to appreciate people who noticed my existence, who willing to listen my stupid story all night, who can get me drunk but at the same time still don't bother to carry my weight, who willing to accept my flaw,..

because right now, I'm actually chasing those who's actually don't even know that I'm exist, who delete my post on their FB wall, who's shamed to be with me, who gave me tons of hopes but then just dump me,...oh fuck =,=

Urgh!!! sometime I just so mad on them. You wanna play games huh? Well, if it's a Blair-Chuck thingy, I declare war! ( aizat, stop overreact =,= coz that's just awkward...)

This is crazy, I can't even portray it through words. My love issue is crazy thus, I chose to do something and have fun =P LOL I should have study for my final paper as distraction but I'm just too lazy to do so. I felt so envy on my pals who can study like 2-3 hours straight!(yes, that's you, Yuzwan Alli ^,^)


.jaa. said...

try laa jadi mcm dia jugak ! gudluck

Aiza4t said...

huh? spe dia? =P


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