Monday, November 8, 2010

Charlie st Cloud isn't genuine?? [=,=]

If you haven’t cry like eleven month or something, go ahead, watch Charlie st Cloud! >,< I just can’t look at 2 cute siblings cry as one of them is dead.

Last time I compared Charlie st. Cloud with The Last Song, but actually, it’s more to Raise Your Voice starred by Hilary Duff.

Raise Your Voice is about, chasing your dream in singing career because that’s what you dead brother want. As for Charlie st Cloud, keep on sailing which is your passion even though it’s hurt, since you were doing it all the time with your late brother.

There’re like A LOT of similarities in both movies.
1-Both sneak out at night, then got busted in car crash and the brothers dead. [=,=]
2-Plus, both were hit by a lorry. [=,=]”*

Both leave their passion. Hilary threw away her opportunity for singing scholarship, and Efron abandon his sailing scholarship.

4-Both Hil and Zac were Disney.
5-Both movies can make you cry like SERIOUSLY! (seriously??=,=) Well, yes, if you are soft.

BTW, Charlie st Cloud is so gay, because the entire sex scenes just expose Zac’s muscle instead of Amanda Crew’s boobs. [=,=]”

Plus, Amanda was fully clothed while having sex with the naked Zac?? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDIN’ ME? [=,=]”””$%^-- I bet he stuck his dick in her asshole.

LOL just some random spicy review after a torturing Macroeconomic paper. Can someone suggest me what should I watch next?


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