Monday, November 15, 2010

a come-back dream

I should have packed earlier coz my dad will fetch me just right after I finished my last paper this semester MGT, which is like damn early and I still not contented enough spending my time with my friends. I never wanted to leave my campus that early. It’s very weird of me because aren’t you suppose to be happy to finally get to meet tour family after months away from them?

Well, that’s what happens only until this morning as I woke up from a really strange dream.

I was home and just arrived. Surprisingly some of my pal gave me a visit and I was all freaked out since my house was small and not the modish. Then my mom just cooks some ‘nasi goreng kampung’ as lunch meet breakfast for them. LOL its very funny coz dah la rumah besepah giler2 n mama masak nasi goreng kampong as if the fantasy hardly portray that my family is poor and I’m ashamed of that, which is so not cool. Worse, my friends were just leaving without telling me? As if they were like, “hmm, so that’s the real aizat huh?”

I was so disappointed in them. Then my mom was like, “xpela, jom la kte kemas2 ckit rumah dah alang2 kamu ade ni :),”

Well, the house was pretty small and neat yet still well furnished. Suddenly, it was a hard rain outside, and out of nowhere there’s someone (which was faishal, actually =,^) ringing the bell and asking for shelter. LOL x kesah dengan ikhlasnye I welcomed him. Me and mama treats him so well then apparently the rain was getting harder and there were so many unknown people drop by our house for a warm shelter.

The more people dropped by, asking for hot chocolate the spacious the house turns to. There were like so many people in our house and as if dah jadi pusat petempatan mangsa banjir pulak =P . But, my mom just doesn’t complain but keep them warm instead.

It’s still raining. I don’t know if it was just me (duh, it’s a dream, you idiot. What do you expect?) The house was getting bigger and merrier. I can hardly forget every single inch of the house! It was beautiful. Everyone was chatting and smiling in slow-motion, holding glass of mama’s hot choc, some of them waving at me (in slow-motion again =,=) and thanked my mom for being generous of letting them stay for a while.

Then I realized everyone in the room is my family and friends. The weather turns bright and sunny. Their faces were warm and smiling as if welcoming me home, actually the house itself did too. My sister was sharing some videos at the PC, Nameer, Ujay and other classmates were discussing something at the dining table, my little sister was playing by the kid’s pool with other girls, the elders enjoy some tea and chit chat~ it was a beautiful and pleasing view ever!

Moral of the story~Aizat, ko jangan nak buat pasal x nak balik rumah psl that is not what your family wanted to! They wanted you to be with them and it’s great to have them around. That dream symbolize how happy you can be at home, with your family, but still not forgetting your friends. Because no matter where you are, as long there’s honesty in accepting fate, you’ll bring everyone in your heart and you’ll never be alone. BTW, next lesson is, kita perlulah ikhlas dalam membantu orang laen ek, and don’t even bother how pain it is, because God knows, and He’ll reward you sooner or later, or just right away!

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