Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall in love with someone taller than you?

It might looks funny if your girlfriend is taller than u, coz that's the issue here =P but if you willing to walk with her without shame, now that's a true love. [hell, can someone slap aizat on the face coz these shit are soooo not him! wake him up!]

Instead of Harry Potter, Lovely Com would likely be my next sensation since everything in that series/movie is so overwhelming and beautiful!

Well, I still haven’t watch HP7 yet so I couldn’t feel the epic’s adrenaline.

Lovely Com is a perfect love story for you to escape from reality. Anyhow, a perfect tale is highly contagious so I shouldn’t overly into it or else I’ll end up disillusioned. Every time I fall in new ideal dream, I’ll try my best to realize it. In the case Lovely Com, to meet someone as meant in the movie is way too impossible, so I bet copying the expression of the character would be drolly helpful to mimicry live in it. Eventually, I rationally thought everything is just vague and end up just take it as a sitcom in my life.


Anonymous said...

fuck u,,,, =p


Aiza4t said...

i'll fuck u back meor bdk kecik!!!! >,< hahaha

Amanina said...

nasib baik i'm a girl. boleh fall in love dgn orang yg taller :D

Aiza4t said...

well, consider urlself as lucky nina :P

haha actually I don't really mind as long she's not tall like a giraffe =P bberapa cm tu bolei le trime kot ohoho

hananishikido said...

want someone taller than me... hehehe...

azri akhma said...

awww.. better watch cpt HP 7. Coz I can't wait to watch Part 2. When is it coming out eh?

btw, no matter who's taller than who, the most important is both of u r in love. There's a saying that "you are blind, when love is in the air".

Aiza4t said...

haha azri i wish u could see me ranting out loud how desperate am i wanted to watch that movie!!! skrg ni i just treat myself with the books 7 jerr..

LOL i don't know that u r quite good in love thingy ^^


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