Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kawan Semakin Mahal

currently listening to Hilary Duff Sweet16 :)

When the maintenance cost of friendship is getting higher, it worries me because the relationship is based on the money value rather that the quality times we spend together. Don’t get me wrong, coz it’s NOT a bad review or sad expression of disappointment =D It’s the reality.

SERIOUSLY, if I hang with my buddies, we are so not just going to talk trash and kill times for nothing, of coz in making a quality moment, some money is needed to be invested like, hit the cinema, bowling alley, supreme lunch, buys some outfits, etc. All activities need money.

Of coz stay connected on Facebook is the cheapest way, but that is just the first step and everyone surpass it already. You’ll wanted more afterward so that the relationship is fun and joyous right? =P

There are lots of shit that I wanted to do with my pals, [SERIOUSLY, I can show the list ^^] but when I’m financial risky, bak kate org, ‘potong stim btol’ when my wallet is drained.

BUT, I don’t think this shit is a big deal; we can still have a great time right? Moderate spending and entertainment is the right choice. As long we can cherish the moment, that’s memorable enough :P

p/s~ I'm darn can't wait to hang with RUSHDI!! >,<


yang salehah said...

that is so money no talk rite??just sit at home and duduk senyap2

Aiza4t said...

Miss Young!! I can't believe you're here. I'm truly appreciated your visit.^^,

haha btol kn? dok rumah senyap jdi budak baek =P

=YuKi= said...

haha~ >.< yes friends is so expensive... so just stay at home and help your mum do her work... huhu~ >///<

Aiza4t said...

haha looks like everyone is agreed with me ek? ^^,

yang salehah said...

i tot dat happen to me coz i'm working..

btw, i love reading your blog..dah tgk harry potter x??
is it as good as the book?

Aiza4t said...

WOW! thanx a lot for liking my blog ^^,

erm, I x tgk lgi la hp7. sob2 :'( as a kipas-susah-mati it's an insulting!!

i tatau la, if u asked me, as a reader, i'll complain how incomplete the movies are, but ever since the 7th movie ni is split into 2 part, i'm expecting a better magical adaptation from the books :)

yang salehah said...

one of my cousins siad that the movie is a bit slow but ok la since it is split into two..i need to read back the book cause i've forgotten what happen..short term memory lost..:p

Aiza4t said...

haha FYI, the movie is only until chapter 24. I nk try khatam sm situ dlu then nk pgi tgk the movie :P


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