Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review of the day: It's a rainy day 2

It's a tough day. Flood, issues, exam, scandal, bla3...It's was a happy day at the beginning, since it was a sunny day, and many people say "Hi!" and morning, aizat!" and I don't even know their name (so I categorized them as my fans,hehe ^,^ SERIOUSLY does Lady Gaga know your name even you're a die-hard fan? =,=)

Here's where the disaster begin, I bumped up with a person who so "Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless" (go ahead check the lyrics, then you'll how do I felt) Boooossshhh!!! I was like literally wanna die, having her face airing in head like 24/7! FML...I was like, "ya Allah, bearat beno ko uji aq hari ni," as afterward, bekalan air bersih terputus, my money depleted, ATM machine rosak dll.

Here's the solution! Alhamdulillah, God gave me the light, so I packed my stuff(books) and went to PI and spend my time from zohor to asar. Well, I have issues at my room, the selfish-rommies thingy which is totally annoyed, and everytime I'm annoyed, I'll just turn to Allah, then pufff!! Everything turns fine! XD I spent my maghrib and isyak kat PI gak...memang tenang study kat sane :) Bukan nak poyo and riak, but dengan harapan, para pembaca yang bijak dapat mengambil teladan secara rasional.

Well, since I'm a last-minute-study person, I have to go now! There are still 3 topics I havent recover yet,hehe ciao!


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