Friday, December 10, 2010

ambil kesempatan, sakit, gagal

Knowing that my life is actually beneficial to others, I don't really mind of getting exploited. As long I'm breathing, you can take advantage on me as much as you wanted because, I don't want to be blame as useless. I don't know hot to start, so you should make the move first by asking favor.

Somehow, I'm getting spontaneous recently. I always start do the favor. I never thought that I would decide to stay and Mak Long for couple of days just to look after her while she's sick. And now, opah's condition is getting worse, I'd decided to stay with her for a week, insyaAllah..

I was like, "SERIOUSLY are you fucking kiddin' me, aizat? looking after sick peoples is sooo eww, duh.. =,-". But hey, I don't want to be regret for not having my time with them as I can still can.

Speaking of disappointment, my goal on academic was slightly changed so that I'm not extremely impacted due to failure. I don't really target for Dean award this time, I just target on certain subject, like BEL, MGT & ECO is a must for me to get A. LOL this shit happened because I won't get overly disappointed for not succeed in Finance since it hold credit hour of 4 and I'm not really good at it =,-

p/s= I hope my promise to treat my pals for pizza is on since we'd make the deal on you-know-what =P

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