Sunday, December 5, 2010

hari2 benda sama

I need to do something different because my routine is just filled with the same shits everyday. I don’t even know what to highlight in my daily post. Worse, it can never my daily posted though, since there’s nothing left in my mind.

LOL I guess, my scheme of becoming emotionally less sensitive seems to work. Well, lately, I’ve been overly reacted to anything around me until it triggers lots of haters and jealousy. I’ll no more let it happen since it’s not good for my fragile emotion.
OMG lets talk about TV shows!


LOL it’s quite surprising as Fizi posted something about GG on Facebook which make me wanna say about it here haha. I truly addicted to the series for no reason. It happened actually when Nad told me how lustrous the series was and I dispassionately was like, ‘okay, I’ll watch it sooner,’ then Aiman gave me the whole season 1 until 3, I’m so obsessed until I even watch it within exam weeks hehe =P Currently, I’m watching season 4 but it’s still aired so I just got myself to watch until S4 episode 8 only, and I’m downloading episode 9 right now.


This series is so Hana Kimi, She’s a Man, and so whatever. Its hell funny since it’s a story about a nun girl who pretends to be her pop star twin brother in saving his career and finding their mom by becoming popular. Her brother was suppose to join the sensational A.N.JELL [pronounced as ANGEL] but he was somewhere at America, stuck in hospital due to mistakes in plastic surgery which ruin his image. Everything got twisted when she fall in love with one of the band members, gay issues, triangle love etc. Currently, I’m at episode 11. What do I amazed about this series is the scandalous life of stars and the backstage of celebrities’ life. It’s a cute series and worth a watch.

grrr...tatau how should i conclude this post hehe =P so it end here [memang xde markah penutup, fail!!]


Amanina said...

i have lots of things in my mind to do during holidays. but only few are done. :(

i really looking forward to play gokart as i asked u before. but still no time to go there :(

nadHiraH said...


Aiza4t said...

nina, just feel free to drop by here kt ipoh!! men-go-kart sbentar hohoho better do it before the holidays end!

nad, there's no remedy for such fever hoho

Amanina said...

dah end dah pun. hahaha maybe next chinese new year holiday :D nearly 2 months to go

Aiza4t said...

aawww...sorry.'s not necessary to do everything in u list to have a fun holiday right? as long u spend ur holiday with ur family with joyful is good enough though :)

=YuKi= said...

aizat can i have you're beautiful when i meet you next sem ? can i ?

=YuKi= said...
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Aiza4t said...

sure, i'm happy to share ;)

=YuKi= said...


Anonymous said...

aizat,how long it takes to download movie from that korean side =.=
i tried,damn.lama gila =="
mmg lama ke nak dwnload pkra tuh ? huh .

oh, a blogwalker :p

Aiza4t said...

erm, as for me it just took like 1 hour n something utk 1 episode..depends on ur connection la..


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