Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Stay Positive?

HOW? By posting your favorite rubbish of coz! hahaha another rubbish post by me, by means that, a non beneficial opinion.It is a just a positive way of entertaining myself rather than posting shits on how unlucky my day was, which is so not healthy and may hurt people =P Well, here're some trash for ya!

My Favorites artiste as for now:

As dark as The Pretty Reckless.

Taylor Momsen had totally amazed me with her vocal.Her cute appearance in Spy Kids 2, Gossip Girl season 1 until end up to be a gothic barbie doll in Gossip Girl season 4 and the band, The Pretty Reckless is so inspiring!

SONG SUGGESTED: Make Me Wanna Die acoustic version

As high note as Lee Hongki.

Don't you wonder why do i pick him instead MARIAH CAREY or CHRISTINA AGUILERA? Well, he is super trendy and the way he sing make to hit the top notch note as if it is an easy job =P Maklomla, cbe tgk Makcik Carey and si Aguilera tuh, tangan siap kne tukar2 gear nk tarik2 suara kn? hahaha. He's the lead singer of the famous North Korea rock band, FT Island.

SUGGESTED SONG: As Still Ever-He's Beautiful OST

My favorites artiste of all time:

Hilary Duff&Ikuta Toma

As for these 2 celebs, I had already post shits of them last year, so dozo!

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