Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kenapa lama senyap?

grrr...Ben is somewhere at Batu Caves currently, I wish I could meet him =,- But I'm awfully sick like every second for this past couple of days.

I'll swallow the pain as worse as the pain in the ass, or more likely U stuck an elephant head in you throat. Every breath goes in my trachea is pain. Every pills, every sip, every damn second!!!

Erm, this happen actually last week...
when I took care on my grandma, and I got the fever from her. Then, I started to feel dizzy and puke like 2 times a day. Too many puke is so ewww until my throat started to cramp and hurt eventually, my coughs started to bleed.

I don't speak much. I'll just sleep most of the day, which is the only way to forget the pain even for a minute. But, don't dream. I can never sleep. So, I always look tired and not energetic.

p/s~Opah, kite gang..


nadHiraH said...

get well soon!

Azizi wRotE said...

sebagai rakan yg baik hati tp keji.....
aq cadangkan ko telan r PANADOL SEPAPAN.
perh...tip top
cantik menarik x lame r 2.
:p... hehe. jgn marah

Aiza4t said...

Nad thanx =)

Jiji, grrrr...haha =P


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