Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Random Thought
It was 3 am in the morning and I woke up from a very weird dream where the last words mentioned was,"we are on our way back down to the earth,". It wasn't meant literally [well it could since it was a dream an i may off to mars or somewhere =P] but, in that dream, I was eager to throw away all the arrogant and haters in me and become a new person with a lil respect to the others.

A story of Opah
Well, here am I, I'm home. It was a so-whatever 5 days taking care of another sick person after Mak Long, my GRANDMA. It was so different than Mak Long because with opah, only now, I felt the pain of taking care a really sick person. Opah is suffering for stroke, half of her body can't move and she can barely walk since last week. She can't sleep at night, non-stop moaning of ache all over her body. I kept on massaging her feet, expecting her to get better, u know perhaps sooth down the numbness, but it never work. Atuk was nearly given up on her but everyone was there and keep supporting them everyday.

There was bubbles all over opah's body and every time she need to go to toilet, everyone will carry her on wheelchair and of coz no one can ovoid from get the bubbles to popped and squirted on our skin. The worse part part is when we need to change her diaper. =,-

Sometime, I feel like wanna cry. [aawww, stop it aizat!!]

Everyone will wash their hands every time we were in contact with opah. Is her skin really dirt? Is she really that contagious? What if she know that we do think so? It's really insulting. Can you imagine what does it feel like to be the one who burden all the pain?

I reckon I'd just found the meaning of true-love rather than Romeo-Juliet fake legendary love story by looking at atuk and opah. They are the sweetest couple ever! Atok was like 24/7 sitting next to Opah, convince her everyday that everything will be okay.

Alhamdulillah, yesterday, opah's condition showed a lil improvement when her feet is no longer swollen and the bullous bubble skin all over her body started to gone.


nadHiraH said...

babe.. I'm sure your opah pun tanak burden everybody.. It's not that they wash their hands because it's a dirt, just that, its like an obligation you know.. I'm sure your opah will understand.. don't get too emo kay huny? and, yeah.. Happy to hear that your opah is getting better.. hope she will be fine.. and you are a great grandson honey :) I'm proud of you I must say SOB SOB T___T

Aiza4t said...

Thanx nad =P sy pon rasa bgtu

Maklumla, kalo x emo bukan aizat la namanya btol x?hoho ^^,


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