Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Random Thought

According to Christina Aguilera (2006),"...and I hurt myself, by hurting you" is so what this post is all about. Previously, I used to just rant out anything, either positive or negative, clearly stated the names who were involved, and lots of details [oops,hehe^,^ xoxo]. But as for now I have to be more careful so that I don't hurt people or even myself.

I've been thinking, should I spit it here? Even since my blog readers are people from different background, place, and different perspective, I need to be more careful i n picking the topic for the sake of my reputation (huh?? =,=) and to avoid misunderstanding.

I love it when one of my blogger pal said that, she'll only post bunch of positive scratch on her blog rather than talks of haters, jealousy and stuff. That's brilliant. It's one of the way to teach yourself to stay positive. I always end up regret every time I rant out my unsatisfaction coz it always make things worse. Even it is hurt to just keep it to yourself, duh, so what? I have to consider of doing that or else I'll just jeopardize any relation over again.

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