Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sabar ye opah...

If I were to be in a family drama, it'll be like, "Opah, [while holding her hands] be strong, I'll be by your side and take care of you no matter what happened!" Well, in reality, I can only silently sit and staring at her,moaning in pain.

Well, that's what happened earlier this morning when we rushed to Rumah Pah after Subuh. Opah's condition is getting even worse. She can't even sleep.

She spent us to watch her craving for Allah's sympathy, crying wanting her child to be around and stuff. I was like, keep looking on the ceiling [nak takung air mata], pegi dapur buat2 minum air, and stuff;......xnak orang nmpak that I was crying.

She's miserable. baring xboleh, duduk x boleh, tidur x boleh, kencing berak mandi, jalan, apah habis sume xboleh. She is now at the limit. Previously, opah redha jerr dengan keadaan dia, but not anymore..

tiap2 pagi mama akan kuar rumah awal, pgi mandikan opah, ayah cho pon gilir2 bermalam kt rumah pah, atuk pon hari2 bela opah sampai atuk jatuh sakit skali, ayah lang kt johor yg sakit jantung pon gagah dtg jenguk opah, Mak Yang naek bus 500++km away sambil dukung Ateeqa yg bru 2 bulan dgn rumaisa and mukhsin budak2 kecik x sampai 5 thn pon...aku, jaga opah smpai demam2 sminggu..macam2 pengorbanan setiap ahli keluarga. nak cerita suma mmg x abish..TERIMA KASIH SEMUA AND BE STRONG EVERYONE, PLEASE.

There's nothing I can do except for praying her healthiness.


fadzalina.jaa.jaja said...

sabar tau!

Aiza4t said...

sure, everyone is.. :)
thanx jaja

=YuKi= said...

be strong okey !

yang salehah said...

i'm sure despite all the pain your opah is going through, she feels grateful to have wonderful husband, children and grand kids who stood by her and helping her to ease the pain..bnyk2 doa for her sake k!

Aiza4t said...

well, yes miss young..I will always pray for her :)


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