Saturday, December 11, 2010

terima kasih semua ;)


"I can't pretend that I'm not happy for another picture frame present from the faculty [tuje yg deorg mmpu bgi kot =,-] coz, my result isn't that WOW but I still wanna thanks to everyone who helped me to stay in this save zone hohoho ^,^"

First of all, thousand of grateful to Allah for succeeding me in maintaining my reputation to hold the dean thingy again [huh?? =,-] even with thousand of sins I had commit, u still love me, you still allow me walk on this earth triumphantly. Alhamdulillah... :)

Thanks to my parent and family for giving me moral and financial support. Kalo x kebuloq la aq time banjir2 kat Arau nun, dh la exam week, grrr...hoho ^^

Thanks to all my friends and classmates, for giving sucha positive competition and support:

Papa Dean: he help me a lot! >,< If I was to involve in technical problems, he would likely be there for me, especially transport hehe ;)

Ihsan Rosli: for being my poye2 partner ;P If my brain is about to explode due to unbalanced cash budget, he always there for me, get me the hell off my study desk like for 5 minutes at least, and hit the mushroom [eww, i suppose people just hit the bar =,-] party and talk of fun and stuff, which is pretty helpful for stress management ;) Yet he is still the kind of guy which always drag me to masjid wooo..sejuk hati

Yuzwan Alli: wow3...this guy is highly contagious. He is next to Ihsan in term of helping me stress out my nerves. His Tyra-ness routine and banshee-like laugh had totally made my day like everyday! Plus, he is such a great competition since he always indirectly stress me by stick to the books like 24/7, are you fucking kiddin me?? sumpah tension huagagaga coz my eyes only stick to the monitor 24/7, watching Gossip Girl, xoxo!

Meor: this guys is super short and super annoying which is cute haha. He couraged me a lot, telling me not to give up every time I'm about to wave the white flag. love u meor!!! muaxxx! n congatulation on ur success too ;)

Aiman: specifically, he did truly helped me a lot in FINANCE!!! terima kasih aiman al-jauhari >,<

Kpade sape2 yg I x mention, pandai2 la korang prasan yg korang pon tolong aq ek, SERIOUSLY! saya mendoakan anda semua berjaya dan dipermudahkan urusan oleh Allah, isyaAllah =)


nadHiraH said...

thanx. I helped by giving courage, kan? haha dean's again! yay hi5!

Aiza4t said...

yay Nad! 9bulan! oooppss...hehe


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