Saturday, December 4, 2010


Listening to One Less Lonely Girl French Version

Miss these guys..from left; Paan@tengku, nameer, me, and papa dean ^^

I’m taking care of my aunt at Penang. Not much, just keep her accompanied and stuff. I’m here with my sister and surprisingly, I don’t really mind of doing this. Probably my routine is too dull until I don’t really mind, taking care of a sick person to ruin it. It’s a good thing, at least.

OK, it happened actually yesterday when my dad insist us to stay at Mak Long. Plus, my mom promise to give me a week broadband since, I always use ‘lost connection to the outside world’ as the reason to anything when it comes to staying somewhere else than my home. So I said, yes. Hey, it isn’t that bad actually kat rumah mak long ni =P [it's not bribery, just reward hehe =P]

LOL I had enough making myself busy at home. Everyday I kept on fixing the fixed stuff. Even as arrived at my aunt house, what did soared in my head was how to make this living room look great even with a bed and a sick person in the middle of it. Yes, my aunt isn’t really in good condition since she’s just after her chemo therapy. It’s a two-story house and she’s to sick to climb to her room, upstairs.

I spent most of the day, upstairs fooling around the Harry Potter magical world, and treat myself with some K-Dorama. OMG, again I’m lost in fantasy! That is what happening as I’m watching You’re Beautiful. It’s a romance comedy series which suit me; not too complex net not too amateur.

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