Monday, January 31, 2011

lihat mereka gembira

sumpah x blei blah sial ihsan huagagaga ala HSM sgt JEALOUS!!!

faiz/poeh pon nk jgk kn? argh!! rse mcm kne sepak plak >,<

This picture was taken on last Friday which the day after I departed away to Ipoh =,= I believed If i was around, I could own one picture of my pose. Nah, macam la xlei amik laen kali kn? huagaga ^^

BUT seriously, I saw lots of pic posed at the paddy field but most of them are just too calm, and jiwang-like gedikz2 pictures. But these 2 kpale-hotak-giler-yg-masok-air ni had truly amazed me with a whole different idea of having the green as excitement instead of peace and calmness like every time!

*captured by Canon D60


=YuKi= said...

popular la ehsan dengan poeh kat bolg nag pasneh aizat ! gahaha~ XD

Aiza4t said...

LOL ^^,


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