Saturday, January 1, 2011

SPECIAL POST: 2010/2011

LOL everyone is writing their New Year post, so I should have one too though..^,^

Celebrating New Year like super exited is not my thingy. I don't even watch the fireworks neither with naked eyes nor on TV this year. Tengak la..berita kt TV esok ade la tunjok kot hehe... I was busy packing my stuff to get back to Arau tomorrow.

As for my thought, most people are busy setting their shit-list of 2011 and stuff. New year is always meant for new vision, new path in career or academically improve. But as for me all those new ambition is not suitable to be realize on every 1 January. My personal thought says, Awal Muharam is the best time to do that sort of stuff because that month is really bless month with many historical event etc. Allah will help us in realizing our dreams.

As for the AD calendar, parties are everywhere, concert and stuff, sins could possibly at a lil higher rate at the moment. Plus, nothing special in eyes of Islam onto these event. New visions and dream can still possibly be achieved, but does the New Year 2011 welcomed cheerfully by the prophet Muhammad?

Anyhow, people nowadays are smart by manipulating that everything happen in New Year Eve can still be blessed by Allah as long it is in the name of Him, so it will be considered as Ibadah. THAT IS A TRULY BRILLIANT ALTERNATIVE =)


Perhaps I should at least celebrate it in any sort of way so,
here are some random shits of 2010/2011.


Since 2010 was a sicky vicky year as lost people around me is not healthy, I wish for a healthier year of 2011. [btw, last evening, my uncle was checked in at IJN, critical] They was halfway to Johor then sudden stop at Seremban for a Uturn to IJN. Plus, Opah's condition shows no improvement, and even myself is frequently having headache.


It's time work even harder to improve my pointer, which I never did. No more staying in save-zone, achieve something extraordinary AIZAT! Anyhow, I'm kind of thinking to put a lil more devotion in club and society since fot the last 3 semester I was overly focused on academic only. LOL Aizat sound like you wanna have fun huh? grrr...X blei! Well, actually, it's all about how smart you are in portioning your activities so that you can do both. Try to make routine in 2011 a well-managed one :)

: My Nokia5530xm is a C6! ^^,

Year 2010 was the year where I change my phone a lot =,- From SEK550i to SEW995, downgrade to Nokia5530xm, then Nokia5730xm, then again Nokia5530xm. But as for know Id already installed the NokiaC6 firmware in my cheap Nokia5530xm, my current cellphone as overly personalized and I am so not throwing it away! Duh, my Nokia5530xm is a Nokia C6, what else do I want? =P

Lemme tell ya why ^^, This is my old sluggishly hideous Nokia5530xm =,=
But know, after month of study on modding stuff, I am know able to stuck in the Nokia C6 firmware into my Nokia 5530xm ^^,

The super awesome C6 homescreen is now in my Nokia5530xm! The performance is way much better and a damn lot less sluggish too =P

Check out my new menu! The old menu [left] is so eww and custom. But now, I owned an iPhone like menu with an extremely smooth in kinetic scrolling!

Messaging know is so different and super cool with the new appearance. Well, it's inspired by Vivaz anyway, but duh, who care? It's cute n I loike it! And the music list know is along with the album art and the kinetic scrolling is again, super smooth! As smooth as iPhone I bet =P

Even though Nokia C6 is not my dream phone, but it's a pretty damn cool phone =D I'm glad that I had managed to personalize my cheap Nokia5530xm [worth RM500++] to function as cool as Nokia C6 which worth likeRM850++. So Aizat, jangan nak menggedikz tukar phone lain! You work so hard working on this shit!!! grrrr...

FRIEND of 2010:Nazmeer

Chibai jer beromen2 plawk huagaga,blakang, UJAY, MEOR depan ME, NAMEER. dh la Miss Young tgh mngajar kt depan tuh huagaga, class BEL mmg class yg paling byk aq amik2 gambo =P

I'm beginning the year 2011 or the new semester with the lost of one of my good pal. He is out for continuing the fast-track to degree. It's NAMEER. He is like a big brother to me, well next to Papa Dean, he's the second LOL. He know how to act like a smart person, which is him. He is less judgmental and always respect me in any sort of circumstances. Being in the same class, project group, club [kteorang join Kekeluargaan Islam doww!! lawak la shial hehe] was a great moment.

p/s~NAMEER, if you read this, you are such a MASSIVELY HUGE lost to me. But as a good friend, I'm so happy that you are pursuing your dream with confident and I'm pretty sure that everyone is supporting 100% and respect your decision. GO2 Honey Bee!


This is my most-favorite picture of 2010! That is Rushd and ME. This picture was taken while we were waiting for bus kt depan Jusco LOL ^^, Tepi jalan plawk tu ngee~ should I end this post?[dh speechless lorrr=,^]...WELL,have a HAPPY and blessed NEW YEAR, then =P


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Happy new year to you too babe :)

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a happy new year for u too dear!! ^^,


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