Sunday, January 23, 2011

what did happened recently

I believed it's more that 10 times already I hit the 'new post' button but end up nothing. I should spill it out while I'm in the mood. =P

I used to complain how much I'm pissed with my boring routine, but thanks to Echa for asking Nad, Aiman and Me to join or sorta help around during the Rajamangala University student visit's to our campus. It was an English camp but the know not a word of english or malay which make it difficult to interact except for Nab and Zakaria, coz the lives somewhere near the around Malaysia. =P
*malas nak upload pictures so here are some from Nad's blog

No matter how much I mod and update my phone firmware, the first found is always the best. So, back to basic!

Since we have PC Fair here at my campus, it had sure cost a lot to me coz I'm so addicted to those stuff. Well, yokatta..I can still control my beast appetite. =P

Well, since my room is now in wifi zone, I'm afraid that I will just fool around the net like 24/7. Plus tomorrow is LAW Quiz!!! and I haven't done anything yet. =P


Azizi wRotE said...

aq x sempat g pc fair...
coz byk hal

Aiza4t said...

huagaga aq sempat la gak sapu 2 cute pendrive hehe =P bwt keychain matching with my phone n tmbah ram 2g...I blei maen game la pls ni uols! oopss..P1 pon ade sudaa..hehe


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