Saturday, February 19, 2011

was i born this way?

This is just some random involuntary post since the real post hasn't complete yet coz I still don't have enough material.

seorang pemalas yang risau akan kemalasannya tapi masih tak ambil sebarang inisiatif, ialah orang yg malas tahap gaban+dewa+metalgarurumon. Yes, imma big fat lazy ass..

The LAW test is like on Monday and I still haven't equip myself with the best weapon to get in court. I spent most of my days with sleep, gossip girl, sleep, sleep, kill time, gossip girl n stuff. Up until now I still kept on postponing my study. OMG Aizat! Wake up! I was planning to do it on Saturday evening, well let see.

Dulu pentarbiyyahan terhenti di ibadah, sekarang viral malas sudah merangkak merosakkan tarbiyyah akademik?

DON'T BE A DRAG JUST BE A QUEEN? I totally didn't get it. Both are bitch. Can someone picture me the exact point behind this metaphor?? =P

p/s~the real post, which is the module part 4 complete report would probably posted by next week kot =(

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