Saturday, February 5, 2011

facts of aizat

Before you like me, you have to know that:

I change my phone like a girl changing clothes [LOL so Katy Perry^^], I love Gossip Girl, Harry Potter, gadgets, Hilary Duff, J-dorama starred by Ikuta Toma, K-dorama suggested by my pals, musics, Duffy, Jazz, SUJU, dance, writing, movies, n stuff. Well, if we have like more than 5 in common, you can call me u soul-mate/BFF or any suitable term =P

I once said, "everyone is judging people, it's either they voice it out or keep it to themselves".

My self is my asset. So I truly appreciate every damn thing on me, in a metrosexual way, in self boost way, and anything that make myself good, because I could be the first and last person to praised myself, so I need to feel good about myself, then others will. [ape aq ckp ni??=,=]

I'm a friend that you'll never want to loose, SERIOUSLY haha poyo la syial! >,<

I just got myself a copy of Endlessly by Duffy!

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