Saturday, February 5, 2011

a shane-dawson-like malaysian guy

I went through FB wall just now and something fishy was spotted as Adib said that he addicted to some random video. Then I went to the link, then there's a fishy guy popped up talking on how Ana Rafali deserve the trophy of AJL. But that's not the point. =,=

The point is, he is so Shane Dawson of Malaysia! Instead, he's not as bitchy as the crazy as bitch Shanaynay. I'm not insulting, coz he's cool. You should check him out, coz even Lisa Surihani do! ^^

Here's a sample hohoho~


Anyway, speaking of youtubers, I did try to do this sort of things before, but I was like, "spe nk tengak ko mrepek2 aizat SERIOUSLY =,=" Besides, I'm not that interesting and humorous, I'll just stick to writing/blogging then.

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