Thursday, February 10, 2011

sy bodoh membuat keputusan?

This would probably one of the stupidest decision I had ever made in my entire life! I skip LAW class just because I woke up like 10 minutes before the class begin. Well, let see, that's not the only reason, because in 10 minutes, I wont be able to blow-straight my hair, chose my outfit, do some morning exercise and stuff =P Plus the morning session is pretty depressing since it's a 4 hours straight classes. [WTF, those are silly excuses!]

It's was like fucking late, and I often late for LAW classes, so macam dh tak sanggup dh nk datang lambat lagi, hehehe =P, so it's better for not going instead of late, which is sooo stupid and unaccepted!!

Tolong la aizat, it's not about the time, it's about the knowledge! no matter how late you are, you can still get to fill your dumb ass empty brain with something, right? SERIOUSLY!
hek elei..mamat ni bajet falsafah la shial, but u still writing this post while everyone are working on law of agency =,=

BUT, my devil side was like, "nah, come on la u pussy, skali dua skip kelas, ape salah nye, u deserve to make some mistake once or twice, rite? kata remaja" miaahahaha^^

That's why I once said, I'm afraid to make decision because I'm afraid of making a wrong one. Well, it's never confirm that our word would promise some good consequences in the future. haha seriously prof. aizat? Well, I'm experimenting..

moral of the story, jangan tiru gaya pemikiran ini. OMG, I can't believe I'm posting this! Aizat, YOU ARE TOO SOFT TO BE A EVIL!

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