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LOL I know the module 4 is like couple of weeks ago but I had just finish this entry by today due too collecting materials and pictures hehe^^ It seems like I put lots of effort wrting this post eh?? It was fun writing it [^^,] and I'm pleased to share this with all readers!

Full Report: Module Part 4 Review ^^

Meor was like, "aizat, we're like fucking late, hurry up!" on 8, but eventually, as we arrived, we need to wait like another 40 minutes until the activity begin ;P

from left, aiman, aizat[me], ujay, yana, natee,chep[kt blakang], n megat

I never like sport activity but I have to say that the explorace just now was pretty amazing as I joined like 2 water-sport activity [^,^] Plus, I contributed quite a lot in designing outfit with paper, n we won The Hottest Model Award with the inspiring of peacock wingy shell.

LOL we staple a lot to make sure those big shell attached on her well. Actually there's a peacock-like tail behind her tpi x nmpak ohoho ^^

But it pissed when we got like 2 hamper but they just gone like 10 minutes after coz everyone was like wildly ruining and tore it apart like animal..oops, is my analogy too much? =P

from left, Yuzwan, Aiman, and me :)

My point is, it's better if we share it, not just the prizes, but the moment until the very end. Everyone work so hard finishing all the task, and everyone deserve to at least sit together and eat those snacks and chit chat on how fun the challenges was. Am I rite?

[Duh, spe sruh x nk participate?]

Is that you r sayin? well, what about Aiman? He work so hard to lead the group, but eventually, he just got a tiny orange jelly? Itupon, he gave to me LOL n now he got nothing in credit. But, as his first debut, the fact he managed to bring the team for 2 prizes is good enough kot =)

Natee, she is so sweet ^^ we don't talk much but I loike her =)

LOL, if you were to nominated for Grammy, it would be, Best New Leader ^^, [dah, hang tok sah nk mrepek na...road to Grammy konon =,=] OMG Lady Gaga appeared to be in egg for the red carpet?! LOL That bitch is one mess up talented artiste ^^ But SERIOUSLY, she's getting unacceptably weird! OMG an egg?? SERIOUSLY?! I prefer Lady Gaga during her early career, it's bizarre, yet still acceptable. But anyhow, she's still awesome, keep on producing bunch of artful junk, my bitch! ^^,

And the funniest part is when I was crawling upside down like a crazy midget across the Tasik ape name die ntah, bile nk bangun sluar I cm nk terlondeh ooopsss...actually, I swim/moved like too fast in the water and wearing tracksuit, mmg la terlondeh, LOL

it was so funny noticed people was like, "go aizat!" come on Archibald!" n eventually, I end up embarrassed myself. BUT IT WAS SO FUNNY UNTIL I DON'T MIND SHARING IT WITH U GUYS ^^

It's great to have FUN with these people! It's a perfect gateway from the stressful academic routine, yet we can still learn on teamwork and stuff~

By the end of the day, everyone was sooo happy, but I have to say the chicken in those polystyrene was so spicy =,^

LOL, I'm so happy that I bumped up with many friends from different course psl mmg susah nk jumpe sekarang ni..and I love they they keep cheering and calling me Aizat Archibald HUAGAGAGA ^^ And Echa is one of them. I met her twice and I'm so in love with that sweet girl! konon2 nk ajak echa amik gmbo sme2 but x smpat :(

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