Thursday, March 17, 2011

coz everyone is born a star

You can define SUPERSTAR/STAR in your own way, eg:superstar equal to a highly successful person or a superbly talented person.

Honestly I'm not a good singer and I don't know a thing about instrument, but Music is sorta my passion. Why the hell I still wanted to express and shares with everyone about my feelings and creativity through music? I don't know!

My first music performance was Love The Way You Lie mash-up with Beautiful. I was kinda embarrass with the performance due to technical problems or else we could had done better.

But Lady Gaga used to said, "Your first performance might not be a good one, but the second or third might not be good either, it's the process of learning what is actually happened from each performance" I've said it twice here i reckon..

Plus, Aiman convinced me that it's cool to do a public performance when he said something like, "You're not paid for millions to make a perfect performance, so just get to the front and enjoy your time doing music,"

Yesterday, our MGT group presented a proposal of a new club, Haus Of Musica, so we did Just The Way You Are and Baby as a sneak-peak of the club activities. I was glad that everyone sang along enjoyed it. Tahniah Yuzwan Meor Ikhwan Aiman & Faishal![I don't one to upload the video coz I believe almost everyone record our presentation tho..] (bapakla poyo shial mamat ni... =,=)

Sometimes, [bukan nak poyo,but] I think I kinda have the talent to compose and rearrange the music because it's only took like less than 5 minutes for me to redo the Just The Way You Are in my own acoustic sound. BUT, just now I noticed there were "some people" who took like 30 minutes trying to do the same arrangement, even though she speaks in instruments language =P

Anyhow, Faishal is a good guitarist since I don't speak guitar language but he managed to came out with his own creative way to realize my ideas of music arrangement. ^^,

Dinner Performance?
Most people is thinking about showing their vocal adrenaline routine and mocking Faizal Tahir or Mariah Carey style of singing. Here's a tips, the audience down there don't give a damn on what is happening on stage instead of thinking "next, please..." waiting, bored. So, If we're about to perform, what's in our mind is express our self and have fun.

You're not a superstar who hold reputation yet, so just sing your heart out and have fun! BUT YES, everyone is born a star; so just be strong in the process of be one.

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