Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dinner 2011: ready to fly


WELL last night course dinner wasn't that terrific, but I have to say that I got high as part 6 hit the stage with their lively awesome performance, I got even higher and couldn't felt my feet on the ground and feel like wanna dance along when the drums beep like boom boom pow LOL so funny as I enjoy myself in my Lady Gaga-wannabe futuristic-telephone masquerade! It was a pleasure, joyous until the very limit where myself staring at the ceiling and asked, "God, what Am I doing here?"
~now that's what I call a terrific 'performing of art'.

PLUS, I have to say I started to evenly in love with Price Tag by Jessie J, telling us that her music is not about the money instead of wanna make the world dance and be sincere and honest to people. LOL part 4 performed the song last night and myself personally also covered the song for fun in my room! LOL

One of my friend said, "it's not about the numbers, it's all about adding knowledge and learn for living instead," at least I felt better yesterday since I was KINDA upset that my name wasn't called onstage for the Dean's List Award due to technical problems, coz I'd promised myself to be grateful and get on the stage on behalf of Mama[family], my friends, and Allah for letting me stay on top again. Well again Aizat, IT'S NOT ABOUT THE NUMBERS, REMEMBER?? =P Aiman and me just received the honored separately as the ceremony ended.

p/s~xleh letak byk2 gmbar coz internet yg mcm...ok, bye

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